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    Our wide range of premium products facilitates health professionals to deliver their commitments. 

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    Best Quality Surgical Drapes, Surgical Gowns,Accessories Manufacturing and Supply

    We are specialized in manufacturing medical-surgical apparel, having international safety guidelines as standard. 

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    Customizable Surgical Products

    You can buy/import sterile surgical protective equipment from us, We have rolled out a programme, benefiting consumers/ distributors all across the world.

We are a team of engineers, who are committed to making a significant change in the Medical Apparel industry, the quality of such professional products has been compromised in many parts of the world constituting a rise in HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections). Even the presumed medical sector of developed countries is also at risk as well, then you may suppose the case of underdeveloped nations.

We demand standardization of quality without the segregation of boundaries, yet as a team that understands this reprehensible conduct, Aavvie® Healthwear™ has brought in a Manufacturing and medical supply system, where the products are made for professionals up all over the world, embracing quality as our trademark.

Aavvie® Healthwear™

Custom Programme

Customizing your product is easier than you thought; we’ll do all the chores. Let you be from any part of the World, we are here to make it for you.

Aavvie® Healthwear™ Custom Programme provides you an opportunity to choose and make what you exactly need. Unlike other manufacturers where
the products are made considering general cause, Aavvie® gives priorities to individuals. We know that people differ from place to place, country to country,
region to region. We plan to make products to match each ethnicity.

Often Health Professionals complain about fitting and discomfort while they don their apparel, we could circumvent this by having custom apparel for them.

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They're addressing issues that weren't addressed by other manufacturers

Ali Jaefer Cardiac Surgeon

Good Company, Good People

Doug- Jonno Bros Distributor-importer

gonna do more, they kinda helped us in pandemic, strong bonding..... appreciate that folks


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    What areas are included in the critical zone?

    AAMI standards require a surgical gown to pass ASTM International F1671 in the critical zones in order to be labeled an AAMI level 4 surgical gown. What areas are included in the critical zone? There are typically four different areas that must pass within the critical zones, including two in the front chest and two on the sleeves. If a product passes ASTM InternationalF1671 in all applicable areas, then it qualifies as an AAMI level 4 surgical gown.