An Aavvie® Healthwear™ Customization Initiative

You make your Product with

Aavvie® Healthwear™ Custom Programme.

Customizing your product is easier than you thought, we’ll do all the chores. Let you be from any part of the World, we are here to make it for you.

How it works?

Step 01


An enquiry gets generated on the products

Step 02

Pro Forma-Invoice

Raise invoice against the Enquiry

Step 04

Sample Approval

Further Suggestions or Alterations are cleared if any, Sample gets approved by the Buyer.


A Sample product is prepared according to the buyer’s specifications and quality, and is sent to the destination to reach within 3days.

Step 03
Step 05

Purchase Order

The purchase order is sent by the buyer/Consignee

Step 06


All the terms and conditions of Product, Packaging, Shipment, Time of delivery, Payments, Insurance etc. will be covered in this

Step 08

Quality Check and Pre-Shipment Inspection

100% Quality Check of each product is done, and Pre-Shipment Inspection is done


Completion of Productions within the committed time

Step 07
Step 09


Consignment gets dispatched, insured,and Freight begins.

Step 10


Freight status is updated to the buyer/consignee.

Step 12


Scan the Verification QR Code on the Package to Verify that you have received the Genuine Aavvie® Product.


Consignment/ Products get delivered to the destination port.

Step 11

Enquire or Talk with our Experts.

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Mission & Vision

We focus on Nations and Nationalities, in our commitment to making a change in Medical Apparel Industry. Our products are of a world-class premium, we aim to avail of this quality at a cost that you could grasp, considering the rise in cost in the medical industry across the globe.

A lot of substandard products are being circulated in the market, which is due to the lack of awareness in the industry, we take the responsibility to impart the correct knowledge to our consumers.

Aavvie® Healthwear™ ensures the safety of health professionals by strictly following the International quality standards and guidelines, right from raw material sourcing to product dispatch. 

-We pursue to provide a superior product all over the world through our

Aavvie® Healthwear™ Custom Programme and Export.

Our Export Policies

  • The Product should be delivered in the committed time

  • Our shipment will be insured, if not, the buyer/ consignee can choose to avail of insurance from their side. it’s crucial to have a guarantee on freight to avoid any possible loss.

  • After configuring the Sample product, it will be dispatched to reach within 3 days, through our courier partners

  • The shipment can be tracked from time to time, and the same will also be updated with the consignee.

  • The Packaging method adopted will be according to the buyer’s discretion. However, the packing will be done as per the Indian customs standards to make sure the consignment reaches without any damage

  • The product will be the same in design, fold, packing etc. as the sample approved by the buyer

  • All the Customized product orders will be taken up against the Sample product.

  • Buyer/ Consignee can send us their sample to customize their product. This will make it easier to customize your product as well as manufacture the exact product


  • The client/buyer/consignee should ensure if the product has any restrictions in the particular country or region and specify all the requirements in its detail

  • The client should let us know the Customs regulation in the particular country or region (if the product has any specific conditions by customs like packing, storage, reefer needed etc.)

  • Whole products are manufactured as per your required specification that we follow as per the sample approved from your end

  • We prefer our shipping partners to deal with the shipment as this would make it easier for us to get the updates

Our export partners are

We are an FIEO registered organization

The Federation of Indian Export Organisations is the apex trade promotion organization in India set up by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.

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*The Freight is handled by shippers and vessel operators, Aavvie® can only ensure the safe and time-bound dispatching of our products to the shipping terminal, the rest are handled by other parties which are out of companies purview or control, the delays or anything that happens after that is out Aavvie®’s control also Aavvie® cannot be put liable for any mishappening that could occur. Our shipments are normally covered by an insurer, claims and other legalities will be conducted at the company’s jurisdiction if the insurance is availed by Aavvie®.

**All the Legalities and other handlings come under the company’s jurisdiction. The Indian Judicial Court will be the legal authority to conduct the trials and other legal proceedings.

***The product its raw material, design, folding, packing etc. will be done according to the buyer’s discretion, a sample will be provided to confirm all these parameters, and original products will be manufactured exactly according to this sample. Any claim after the production/shipping does not stay valid. Also, it does not come under Aavvie®’s responsibility and the company is not liable for any compensation. All the Legalities come under Aavvie®’s jurisdiction**.

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What areas are included in the critical zone?

AAMI standards require a surgical gown to pass ASTM International F1671 in the critical zones in order to be labeled an AAMI level 4 surgical gown. What areas are included in the critical zone? There are typically four different areas that must pass within the critical zones, including two in the front chest and two on the sleeves. If a product passes ASTM InternationalF1671 in all applicable areas, then it qualifies as an AAMI level 4 surgical gown.