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Gauze swabs - 14GS71

Material: 100 % cotton

Bandage Size : 90 cm x 18 mtr

Color: White

Usage/Application: Surgical Dressing

Sheet with adhesive - 14SW55

Adhesives are used across a variety of healthcare applications including wound care dressings, medical device fixation such as ostomy fixation, and transdermal delivery. The selection of the type of adhesive for these various applications is dependent on several factors including

  • wear time,
  • contact with wounded skin, and
  • breathability requirements.
  • Biocompatibility
  • Fluid resistance.
  • Size: S/M/L

Wrap Sheets - 14WS61

To pack instrument and apparel sets

Barrier Performance rated


Made of Non-woven Fabric

Resistance to contamination

Trolley Cover - 14TC62

A trolley cover provides the sterile barrier you need to cover the table with high puncture resistance. The product is made from a polyethylene film and an absorbent reinforced area.

  • Single-Use
  • Made of Non-Woven Fabric
  • Reinforced
  • Absorbant zone included
  • Antistatic presence
  • Available in different Colors

Carry Bag - 14CB63

Phaco Cover - 14PC64

Cotton fabricated Phaco trolley cover is well known for its breathable quality. This cover is skin-friendly and of hypoallergenic quality. This disposable product prevents secondary pollution or cross-contamination after its disposal for its recyclable quality.

Provided Phaco trolley cover is light in weight and has a perfect diameter. 

Material: POLY MATERIAL / Non-Woven Fabric

Handle Cover - 14HC65

Mayo Stand Cover - 14MS68

Utilized to prevent pressure and nerve damage when the limb is placed on the Mayo Stand for positioning during orthopedic procedures as well as patients in the lateral position.

  • Standard Reinforced Mayo Stand Cover for General OR use
  • Flexible fabric
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Dimensions: 23″ x 54″
  • Sterile

Medium Sheet - 14MS69

Bottom Sheet with Adhesive - 14BS70

Leg Cover - 14LC79

Table Cover - 14TC26

Perinial Cover with Adhesive - 14PCA27

Instrumental Cover - 14IC28

Abs Sheet - 14AB193

Central Hole Sheet- 14CH194

Leggings - 14LG195

Hole Sheet with Adhesive - 14HS196

Abdominal Cover Sheet- 14ACS199

Mopping Pad - 14MP72

It is extensively used as a disposable surgical product. This pad is broadly used in hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care centers to eliminate bacterial attacks during the surgical process.

  • Customizable
  • Skin-friendly nature
  • Odourless
  • Smooth finish
  • Anti-bacterial

Surgical Gauze & Bandage Cloth - 14SB73

Cotton Scrub - 14CS74

Pure cotton is,  soft, breathable, absorbent, and natural choice.

  • 2 Pcs Scrub Suit Set
  • V Neck Style
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Patch Pockets
  • 100% Cotton

Urine Collection Pouch

- 14UC77

- 14UC203

For urinary incontinence (leakage), urinary retention (not being able to urinate), a surgery that made a catheter necessary, or another health problem. There are two kinds of bags: a leg bag for daytime use and a night bag, usually larger, for use in bed. A leg bag is attached directly to the catheter tube. It collects all the urine produced during the day and becomes heavier as it fills.

A pouch with 2 Incise Film – a clear, plastic, 360-degree fluid collection pouch with tube and cord organizers.

This 360-degree, plastic fluid-collection pouch with 2 Antimicrobial Incise Film is ideal for cesarean-section procedures.

  • 2 incise film provides continuous broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity to help reduce the risk of surgical site contamination
  • Incise drape adheres to the operative site, creating a sterile surface at the beginning of surgery
  • The 360-degree pouch provides optimal fluid collection to minimize contact with the fluid and helps reduce the risk of contamination to the OR team
  • The pouch allows for easy clean-up and saves time
  • Comes with tube and cord organizers

Adhesive Tape - 14AT76

Medical adhesive tapes are composed of several layers including a tape backing and an adhesive layer. Tape backing is often made of silk, cloth, or paper depending on bonding with adhesive and breathability of the material.

Medical adhesive and sealants can be categorized into synthetic and natural. Synthetic products are made of acrylic, polyurethane, silicone, polyethylene glycol (PEG), and cyanoacrylate materials while natural adhesives and sealants are made of albumin, collagen, gelatin, fibrin, and polysaccharide.

  • Latex-free, both wrapper, and bandage.
  • Highly absorbent, non-stick pad cushions and protects cuts and scrapes without sticking to them.
  • The Long-lasting sure-stick stays secure to a variety of skin types.
  • Sterile

Kelly Pad - 14KP75

  • Kelly’s Pad is a medical device to funnel blood to a collection device to help detect postpartum hemorrhage.
  • The pad is washable and sterilizable, making it far more cost-effective than a plastic collection drape.
  • Made of premium quality rubber
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable in Use 
  • Red Colour 
  • This Eradicates The Chances Of Infection. It Is For Hospital Use, Especially For Obstetrical.
  • Comes with Inflating bulbs and Connecting tubes.

Surgical Prep Blades - 14PB78

Cord Clamp - 14CC200

Baby Wear - 14BW201

Disposable Carry Bag - 14DC193

All Products and Packs are customized according to Hospital requirements.

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What areas are included in the critical zone?

AAMI standards require a surgical gown to pass ASTM International F1671 in the critical zones in order to be labeled an AAMI level 4 surgical gown. What areas are included in the critical zone? There are typically four different areas that must pass within the critical zones, including two in the front chest and two on the sleeves. If a product passes ASTM InternationalF1671 in all applicable areas, then it qualifies as an AAMI level 4 surgical gown.