Disposable Bed Sheets- 12DB67

Offers protection against dust/allergies/contamination.
This SMS disposable bed sheet is a type of nonwoven medical bed sheet. It is used to prevent the spread of disease and cross-infection.
This fitted hospital bed sheet is usually used as a bed mattress protector. It is very popular in hospital patient rooms, clinical settings, and ambulance stretchers. So, it is an ideal choice for any type of patient bed, stretcher, or medical table.

Product Information

  • Material: SMS Non-woven Fabric
  • Multi-Color

Bed Sheet Size: 150x180cm, 138x238cm/ customizable
Pillow Case Size: 50x70cm/ customizable
Features: No fluorescence, Disposable, Soft, Economical

Available in different sizes & colors matching the hospital theme.
All Products and Packs are customized according to Hospital requirements.

How to buy

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